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This category helps you to set-up your Raspberry Pi. It starts from installing the operating system and helps you with creating databases and installing servers.

The articles are generally in chronologic order and can be read in order or depending on your needs.

Flash Raspian to an SD card and install it on the Raspberry Pi

First things first. Your new Raspberry Pi needs an OS. The articles show you how that is done easily.

Raspbian auf eine SD Karte Flashen

Raspbian auf dem Raspberry Pi installieren

Create a VNC / Remote connection with the Raspberry Pi

After installing the OS will you want to create a connection to your Raspberry Pi to be able to run it headless (without a display)

VNC / Remote Verbindung mit dem Raspberry Pi herstellen

Install database MariaDB and the Apache server

Almost nothing works today without a database and a server in the background. Here can you learn how to set them up in a few simple steps.

Maria DB installieren

Apache, PHP und PhpMyAdmin installieren

CGI Skripte auf Apache2 einrichten

PyMySQL installieren