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Sooner or later there comes a point at which you need to make your python script available to a system that has no python interpreter installed. This can be done with e.g. the PyInstaller

The result will be an .exe file that does as well include a standalone python interpreter that runs everywhere.

Install PyInstaller 

That can be done using pip

pip install pyinstaller

Convert your script

Open the command prompt or terminal, depending on your os, and navigate to the folder where your script is located.

Now run the command


Done. You will now find a couple of new folders in the directory where your scrip is.

You can now just distribute the folder dist to the system where you want to run your paceked script. Just open the included .exe file.

If you do not want to have all these extra folders but only a single .exe file then you need to modify the command as follows

pyinstaller --onefile